Buday Kollárik Tímea

hungarian national association of managers executive director

As the Director of the Managers’ Association, it is important for me to work with a team of people who proactively contribute to the work. By brainstorming and planning together, the work is more efficient and faster, in which the Digital Tourism Agency team is always a partner.

Miklovicz Bertold

Bubbles International Zrt.

Targeting the right audience is a task that requires expertise and experience, whether it’s in the copy or the advertising space. Digital Tourism Ltd. not only optimises the reach to achieve sales objectives, but also contributes to the development of marketing with their ideas and suggestions.

Molnár Judit

OTP Travel - Managing Director

Dávid Rasztovits was invited to the 2019 General Assembly of the Association of Hungarian Travel Agencies in Turkey. Dávid gave an extremely informative and enjoyable presentation that shed new light on the importance of digitalisation. His presentation was very well received by the participants, and since then many of them have indicated that they have benefited from his presentation in their daily work.


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