Digital Marketing and Service Design

We can help you develop a digital marketing strategy and put it into practice. From the content of your social media platforms and the optimisation of your ads, to building your entire strategy. We aim to provide a comprehensive service package for our clients, covering the most important parts of digital marketing.


Performance Marketing

In order for our digital marketing service to help you achieve the desired sales results, it is essential to optimise your advertising. For performance marketing, we use tools that can be optimised according to your goals. Our company offers professional assistance in reaching potential customers and increasing their online activity.

We will now describe the advertising channels used by our company and their role in achieving our marketing strategy objectives:

A useful advertising tool to reach new users and build your brand. It allows you to find lookalike audiences, known as sophisticated retargeting, and is also excellent for achieving assisted conversions. And so-called programmatic storytelling allows you to record continuous, sequential campaigns based on saved data.

Bing, Yahoo, Google     

It is the best converting advertising channel, because people come here with a specific intention, a need (product or information). It is therefore a very competitive channel.

Excellent for brand (or community) building and traffic generation. It is one of the best platforms with a targeting system that allows you to display your ad to even narrow groups of people, immediately redirecting them to your website.

The image sharing app is best suited for image building. It’s a great place to use influencers to promote your product or service and gain brand awareness. It’s definitely worth including in the marketing mix for inspiration, demand creation and to build credibility.

Direct mail continues to deliver by far the best results in terms of cost/revenue, but it is very important to segment and automate your communications according to the right rules.

Further personalisation can be achieved through chatbot integration. Live, active conversations, real-time recommendations. A conversation can be directed to download an app, send a questionnaire or a special offer to your followers.

Study, market research
and consultancy

We help you develop, record and interpret structured, transparent databases and resources.

Our service package includes, among others, the preparation of sector-specific studies covering the whole country (e.g.: Smart Tourism Vision in Hungary), local and regional studies and market research (e.g.: cashless spa towns in Hungary, city cards in the digital space, etc.), thematic studies for tourism sector stakeholders and the compilation of analyses for business development and operational analysis for tourism companies.

IT development
and maintenance

Our profile includes the development and ongoing maintenance of a complete IT system, website and webpage for market players, thus taking the burden off your business in the digital space. Our goal is to create a professionally built, sustainable digital system that meets all the requirements of the times, providing a comprehensive view of your company while facilitating and accelerating your operations.

Digital Financial Services

In the 21st century, there are countless payment methods available, but it’s not always the case which is the most cost-effective for our business and the most convenient for our customers. We help you choose and deploy the right digital finance solutions.

Technology-based finished products

Our services also include an innovative range of products available from our company. In addition to a hotel receptionist robot, smart scenting technology and smart mirrors, we can provide your establishment with light music in the cloud, cost-effectively.

Netlife Robotics Ltd. presents

For a hotel/restaurant or even an office, it is memorable for guests if the venue has a special attraction that they rarely encounter elsewhere.

Pepper is a humanoid robot who is guaranteed to give visitors a „wow” experience and children unforgettable memories. Artificial intelligence will become an imperceptible part of our everyday lives, informing customers, automating processes and providing the right information will be the key to future development.

Pepper is a digital employee who is most helpful in informing customers. She understands and answers site-related questions in multiple languages. She recognises regulars and is happy to take on night duty, while constantly learning, so she can serve her guests in more and more areas over time.

The iFace mirror is a patented innovation developed by the CloudCasting group. The technology integrates high-calibre screen technology designed to work through the iFace’s reflective surface.

The iFace mirror is designed for commercial, service and various points of sale (POS), individuals. It is a unique interface that draws attention to the content displayed in a unique way, using the element of surprise.

We offer solutions to meet all requirements, whether standard size or custom made.

There are often problems with fragrances. They can be too intense, too weak, they can cloud an area, or they may not deliver the aromas properly, and they may not be aesthetically pleasing.

The Aera wellness fragrance is a new generation product that can be optimised, disinfects the air, can cover large spaces and is modern in appearance. Our service includes site survey, advice, installation and maintenance.

We currently offer 5 unique fragrances:

Mint – a refreshing peppermint to energise your guests and staff

Spa Eucalyptus – a cleansing, woody yet sweet aroma

Tea Tree and Eucalyptus – cleansing, antibacterial

Hinoki – relaxing, green, woody fragrance

Support Breathe – a combination of the above scents, aromatherapy

The cost of royalties and choosing the right music is more of a concern for a company today than ever before. With our unique music service, setting up background music is easy and royalty costs can be reduced to a fraction of what they used to be.

We have a unique range of music from a wide variety of styles from artists who offer the quality of well-known hits at a fraction of the price, whether it’s a nice, soft background or the rhythms you need for sport.

World of Tourism radio show
and news

We believe it is important to address the present and of course the future of tourism, the potential of digital solutions, on as many platforms as possible and to communicate this to the general public. World of Tourism is a radio show where every week we invite a renowned expert in his field to speak on topics related to the digital vision of tourism.

Our aim is to inform people, maintain and stimulate interest in tourism and the need for digital development. The cornerstone of our ideology is that our knowledge can only be truly up to date if we are always looking for new solutions, open to and researching developments, not just following trends. The show has been broadcast more than 150 times, hosted by Dávid Rasztovits and András Ércfalvi.