Meeting Industry, or MICE tourism in Budapest – the way to world class

The Budapest Tourism Club student organisation has once again prepared an exciting presentation for those interested in the tourism sector. As part of the Restart Tourism series of events, we talked live to Anna Békefi, Managing Director of the Budapest Convention Bureau and Dávid Rasztovits, CEO of Digital Tourism Ltd. about the current state of the meeting industry, the relationship between digitalisation and future plans.

The Hungarian Tourism Agency, which left the Hungarian Tourism Agency in March last year

The Budapest Convention Bureau now operates as a non-profit limited liability company. Their main goal is not to organise events, but to bring as many events as possible to Budapest through a proactive sales technique. MICE tourism in our larger cities outside Budapest was discussed. In addition to Pécs, Szeged, Debrecen, Kaposvár and Gyöngyös have joined the future base of meetings, conferences, business and incentive trips. Of course the current situation was also discussed, Anna Békefi told us that in the last year there has been an 86% drop in business tourism, which makes their current work very difficult, but they are also working on future projects and developments, because they hope to be able to hold offline events again soon.

How does digitalisation come into the picture?

In the current situation, events and conferences are virtual, so Dávid Rasztovits believes it is important to keep digitalisation involved in this sector. In his opinion, digital/hybrid events will remain after normalisation, as it is more cost-effective and connectivity is possible from all over the world. David was also asked if Hungary currently has a platform to meet the overall consumer needs of tourism and was told that there is no such platform at the moment, but there are plans to create a smart tourism city network. They are currently in the process of assessing the needs, but the launch of 5G will continue to provide new opportunities for the project to flourish.

The situation of young people in tourism and their prospects in the labour market were also discussed. In this regard, both speakers agreed that the young generation should be allowed to thrive.

It is important to have courage, curiosity, diligence, humility and patience, so that they do not lose enthusiasm as they move up the career ladder. Everyone needs to find their own way in the sector, so alongside reliability and responsibility, a lot of research will help to achieve future goals.

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BTC is the tourism and hospitality student organisation at the Budapest University of Economics and Business, and a member of the Youth Business Group, the largest student organisation talent pool at the university.

The authors of the article are Inez Tóth and Fanni Szabó