High tech helps solve environmental problems

Today, artificial intelligence and technology are advancing at an almost unimaginable pace, which is why the present is considered the fourth industrial revolution. It is based on digital technology, which bridges the gap between the physical and cyber worlds and allows us to look at socio-economic and environmental problems from a different perspective.

High-technology can be applied in many areas, but innovations that contribute to global sustainability are becoming more widespread. They are helping to tackle environmental problems such as global warming, climate change, air pollution and deforestation.

An excellent example is the non-profit organisation OCEARCH, which uses advanced technological equipment to protect sharks from extinction in the world’s seas. We have also seen many examples of the recycling of plastic waste collected from the oceans in the form of trainers, phone cases, bags, also thanks to the development of technological devices.

As younger generations are increasingly concerned about the environment and sustainability, business interest in green technologies, green energy and other environmentally friendly solutions is also growing.

For example, homes that use renewable energy sources, which means they consume less energy than they produce, are becoming increasingly popular.

It is therefore important to look at technology not only as a benefit to consumers and businesses, but also as an effective means of protecting the environment.

The author of the article is Dalma Blősz

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