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Our team brings years of experience in the digital sphere to help clients achieve their sales goals. In order to achieve the desired goals, we try to contribute our ideas to the success of the implementation, follow new and innovative trends, study and integrate them into our work, both in the design and the implementation of the project. We pay special attention to our clients throughout the project to ensure that they receive maximum attention.


In 2017, Digital Tourism Ltd. became the first company in the world to start specific operations in the tourism sub-sector in the previously unknown field of digital tourism. Our organisation has established its role in the market by providing expert advice and by carrying out sector development studies. Over the years, we have expanded our business intelligence division, digital marketing, content production and commercial divisions, whose primary source of revenue comes from organisations linked to the tourism and tourism markets. Our trading house started marketing technology-driven innovation products in 2020, with an analogue product range added in the first quarter of 2023.

Rasztovits Dávid

Digital Tourism Agency founder and CEO

Professional platforms


Turizmushírek.hu is a news portal created to gather the most important tourism developments in one place. In our five columns, visitors can read about different areas and topics in a domestic and international context. Our columns: International tourism, Travel at home, Faces in tourism, Gastronomy, Programmes.


In order to reduce the impact of the labor crisis in the tourism sector, we have created a labor market portal which, due to its sector-specific focus, can be of great help to both job seekers and employers.

World of Tourism Podcast
and Radio Show

The Turizmus Világa Podcast and Radio Show provides insights into the processes, phenomena and technologies in the tourism sector, as well as exciting topics and guests for those interested in tourism.

Digital Tourism InnoHub

As the first tourism innovation incubator in the Central and Eastern European region, Digital Tourism InnoHub nurtures Hungarian creativity, expertise, and product developement to pave the way for scaling and spreading into the international market.

They said about us

Studies, market research and consultancy

Digital Tourism Agency provides comprehensive assistance in preparing a wide range of studies, market researches, documents and analyses required as a prerequisite for projects and tenders.

Prior to each project, we tailor our services to the needs of the target product within the framework of a joint consultation and needs assessment, which we prepare with the involvement of the appropriate experts.

In order to substantiate the feasibility of developments and investments which are the subject of tenders, it is often necessary to prepare studies and surveys, the content, scope and even the title of which may vary from one type of tender to another. If required, we can undertake to prepare the other documents mentioned above (business plan, needs assessment, marketing plan, training plan, impact studies, etc.) to be attached to the application in accordance with the relevant specifications.

Be our partner!

If you have a technology-based product or service supporting digital innovation that you feel can help the tourism sector and is worth sharing with as many key stakeholders as possible, please contact us. Our professional team is in contact with the most innovative players in the national tourism industry who are open to such solutions.

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    How do we work?

    Assessment and consultation
    One of the first and most important steps in any project is to assess our client's needs and objectives, in a joint consultation, in order to achieve them with the utmost precision and efficiency. This can of course be done live or online.

    Presentation of solutions, sending offers
    After a joint consultation, based on the information available, we will develop one or more solution packages that we know and send you a corresponding offer.

    Design and implementation
    We will plan the implementation of the agreed solution package, with a schedule of subtasks and milestones, in constant contact. The final plan is also presented to our client. Throughout the implementation process, our team keeps the objectives set in mind, which are served with the utmost expertise and precision.

    Once the project is completed, we will deliver the material in the format and on the terms agreed in advance. In the case of an ongoing service, these are the materials committed for a given period of time.

    Our services

    Our extensive portfolio of services includes powerful, integrable solutions for our customers' digital development. With years of industry experience and up-to-date knowledge, our professional team is prepared for any situation, so we not only do what we are asked to do, but also bring our own ideas to help you achieve your goals more effectively and successfully.

    Study preparation and market research

    Our service package includes sector-specific studies covering the whole country (e.g.: Smart Tourism Vision in Hungary), studies and market research at municipal and regional level.

    Commercials, video productions

    Our video team supports our clients with high quality commercials and video content production, produced with professionalism, real strategic results and efficiency in mind.

    Digital marketing and service design

    We can help you develop a digital marketing strategy and put it into practice. From the content of your social media platforms and the optimisation of your ads, to building your entire strategy.

    Social media

    From the content and optimisation of your social media platforms to the construction of your entire strategy. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service package for our clients, covering the most important aspects of digital marketing.

    IT and automation

    Our profile includes the development and ongoing maintenance of a full range of IT systems, websites and web pages for market players, thus taking the burden off your business in the digital space.

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