Digitalisation in the world of hotels ? challenges ahead and during the COVID era

The Corvinus Tourism Club student organisation has once again prepared an exciting presentation for those interested in the tourism sector. Within the framework of the Restart Tourism event series, they talked live with Dávid Rasztovits, CEO of Digital Tourism Zrt. and Balázs Klemm, owner of Hotel & More Group, about the relationship between hotels and digitalisation and their future plans. They also discussed hotel guests’ views on enhancing the customer experience through digitalisation and how the digital transition is influenced by the circumstances.

Both guest speakers agreed that hotels should definitely continue to open up to digital solutions in the future. In David’s words: ‘consumer culture demands something different, so we need to come up with solutions that will still serve the sector in 2030’. However, this should not be at the expense of human resources, because as Balázs mentioned ?the guest will always demand a personal touch, this is the concept of hospitality?

The situation of young people in the hotel industry and their prospects in the labour market were also discussed. In this context, the speakers concluded that ?the positions will not disappear, but will be transformed. Young people are more receptive to digital solutions, so there will certainly be many more opportunities for them. The key is to align the worlds of experienced older people and pioneering young people to usher in a new era of tourism.

If you are interested in our article, you can watch the Hungarian presentation by following the link below:

The CTC is Hungary’s first and largest tourism student organisation, which believes it is important to stand up for tourism, one of the hardest hit sectors in the current epidemic, and to give a voice to those affected, thus helping the sector to recover as soon as possible. The CTC is also a member organisation of the YBG, the largest student union talent pool in the university sector.