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Dávid Rasztovits

CEO of Digital Tourism Agency

I started my first business at the age of 19, working in retail while at school, and then tried my hand in a number of fields before finding inspiration in tourism development. Despite my young age, I have lived and worked in several countries and cities, including Vancouver, Canada, New York, Singapore and last but not least London and Milan. Between 2016 and 2020, I conducted a global market research project called "The Great Digital Audit" in 46 cities in 31 countries, which demonstrates my particular passion for the benefits of digitalisation and disruptive solutions. My mission is to unlock the potential of the new era of tourism and bring it to market.

The digital revolution offers huge opportunities for all players in the tourism sector, which can improve competitiveness, reduce costs and open up new horizons for business development. Since May 2018, I have been chairing the FIVOSZ Tourism Committee and since the first quarter of 2019 I have been working as a digital consultant for the Neumann János Computer Science Society and as the digital manager of the National Association of Managers, in addition to my corporate duties. In 2020, I was nominated for the 2019 Most Successful Infocommunications Manager of the Year Award by the trade magazine ITBusiness, where I was voted first in the public vote.

„2023 will be the year of the brave: those who dare to do and can change. Travel always shapes the traveler, and the lack of it helps us understand why we cannot live in the long term without leaving and returning home, when the imprint of different worlds continues to accompany the person who is sensitive to the cultures and national values visited. We must maintain our curiosity in these tense months, so that instead of hopelessness, we can rebuild with faith and courage the world we loved to live in.”


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